WP_20170403_19_41_01_ProWhat they say: “An easy drinking pale ale. Brewed using Slovenian Bobek hops; this session beer is light and hoppy with delicate floral aromas and a well balanced finish.”

Yep, quelle surprise! A bit too hoppy for me but it was certainly easy drinking – thankfully the floral aromas were delicate. 3.8% A.B.V

The Slip Inn, York. April 2017


Rudgate–Ruby Mild

WP_20170403_19_04_20_ProWhat they say: “Multi award-winning, nutty, deeply
rich and satisfying Ruby Mild”

Not a lot then! Not too sweet but even given the A.B.V it lacked a bit of body for me. Would drink again depending on the alternatives. 4.4% A.B.V.

The Slip Inn, York. April 2017

Tetely’s – Cask

IMG_20170408_191524_thumb[15]What they say: “Tetley’s Cask is an amber cask ale, which has roasted caramel bitter sweetness balanced with distinctly aromatic smooth hoppy flavours and a lingering dry bitter finish……..Tetley’s was established in 1822, by an ambitious young man called Joshua Tetley.  With his experience in the family malting business and the belief in its motto ‘Quality Pays’, Joshua Tetley took advantage of the lack of successful breweries in the North of England, compared to those in London. After nearly two centuries of perfecting the brewing process, the name Tetley’s is synonymous with a smooth, tasty pint created from a perfect combination of traditional and modern brewing techniques. Tetley’s range of quality ales is brewed using only the finest quality ingredients to the highest standards to ensure the perfect pint every time.”

Unbelievably, in all the trips up north I’ve never come across this. Have had the tinned smooth flow version at a few parties though. I liked it though following on from a pint of Landlord it tasted just a little insipid, perhaps due to the lower alcohol content. Will certainly have another one though when the opportunity presents itself. 3.7% A.B.V.

The Crown & Anchor, Kilnsea, East Riding of Yorkshire. April 2017

The Tapped Brew Co.–Ale

WP_20170402_17_26_05_ProWhat they say: “A modern classic Best Bitter. Crafted and inspired by Sheffield’s historic Bitter brewing tradition. Maris Otter malt has been lavished with British Goldings and a late twist of Polish Marynka hop to produce a perfectly balanced session Best Bitter.”

Yep, as you may have guessed after reading the above, I liked this. Found in a cracking bar in York’s Railway Station which had twenty, yes twenty hand pumps. Just 3.5% A.B.V so a great session beer too.

York Tap, York. April 2017


WP_20170402_16_14_50_ProWhat they say: “Named after a rare breed of chicken that originates from Ohio and brewed with a blend of American and New Zealand hops, producing an orange, citrus fruit aroma and a refreshing level of bitterness. “

It paired well with a Sunday afternoon on a sunny terrace overlooking the river, but again a little to citrusy for me. It’s taste belied it’s strength though. 3.5% A.B.V.

The Star Inn the City, York. April 2017