Wincle Beer Co – Rambler

WP_20160402_14_34_23_ProWhat they say: “Strolling through ancient recipes we stumbled across the idea for this distinctive country ale. Plenty of Crystal Malt and Bramling Cross hops gives this beer a subtle balance of malt and autumn fruit hoppiness

Another relatively young (2008) brewery and another one I hadn’t heard of. I liked the beer though, although more hoppier than I usually like. 4.0% A.B.V

The Royal Oak, Hurdlow, Derbyshire. April 2016


Thornbridge – Wild Swan

WP_20160402_14_34_16_ProWhat they say: “Wild Swan is white gold in colour with aromas of light bitter lemon, a hint of herb and a subtle spiciness. A great refreshing beer!”

Brewed just up the road in Bakewell, this was – as regular Archive visitors will correctly deduce – not really my cup of tea. A nice refreshing summer ale though I guess and not too strong. 3.5% A.B.V.

The Royal Oak, Hurdlow Derbyshire. April 2016

Marstons – Burton Bitter

WP_20160401_14_36_04_ProWhat they say: “Brewed to one of our oldest recipes, using natural Burton spring water filtered through the gypsum beds of the Trent valley to produce a distinctively clear and bright full flavoured beer with a malty, biscuity taste. Although it is one of our session beers in terms of strength, it has a superb balance of malt and hop flavours which makes Marston’s Burton Bitter the first choice for many of our customers…”

Yes, I liked this. Nothing fancy and not too strong – indeed a good session beer. 3.8% A.B.V.

Cheshire Cheese, Buxton, Derbyshire. April 2016

Robinsons – Unicorn

WP_20160331_19_15_36_ProWhat they say: “Our award-winning flagship beer! Unicorn was born in 1896 and originally called Robinsons Best Bitter. Unusually light, agile, yet complex, Unicorn hasn’t changed in over a hundred years.  It was originally brewed by Frederic for his father William, at the Unicorn Inn, from where the beer eventually took its name, and where the Robinsons Brewery still stands. Dripping with heritage, it’s a magnificent, thirst-quenching, thoroughbred bitter. The first of a bloodline that continues to this day.”

The nearest pub to our base at the campsite in Longnor Wood and the last remaining pub in the village was open all to rarely to rely on. Only one ale on offer, but this was a nice pint, although a little to light and pale for my taste.  4.3%. A.B.V.

Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, Longnor, Derbyshire. March 2016

Cottage Brewing – Iron duke

WP_20160331_18_38_16_ProWhat they say? Like their Conquest Best Bitter, this didn’t appear on the brewery’s website either, but quote this: “A deep ruby red traditional British bitter. Strong notes of toasted and chocolate malts and brewed with Challenger and Pilot hops to give a smooth and well balanced beer.”

Another excellent pint from the Somerset based brewery. 4.3% A.B.V.

The Pack Horse Inn, Crowdecote, Derbyshire. April 2016