Gadds – No. 5

WP_20150228_016What they say: A bottled conditioned Kentish Best Bitter in the proper way one ought to be, with a majestic balance of biscuity, fruity malt & spicy, tangy Kentish hops. When you’ve been away drinking ‘craft’ this and ‘craft’ that you’ll want to come home to a well brewed Best Bitter. This is a special, every day beer, because every day is special….

Found in the bar of the delightful Walpole Bay Hotel in Cliftonville and brewed just a few miles away in Ramsgate.

Sadly only on offer in the bottle here and straight from the shelf in a very warm bar or from an ice cold fridge. I encouraged the Portly Partner to try one and we combined them to get a couple of pints that were about the right temperature – and very tasty it was too. The Kentish hops didn’t make themselves know too much and it was a very nice pint. I look forward to trying it on draught next time we’re down that way.

Cliftonville, Kent February 2015.

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